We are David Gwynne and Ellie Gibbons: husband and wife and artistic collaborators. We specialise in photographing weddings and families and absolutely love our work. We also enjoying photographing a wide range of other subjects, shooting close to home and abroad. Our home is in Birmingham, UK, where we live together happily with our daughter, Lyla. Aside from photography, our activities revolve around...well, mostly coffee...but also our love of nature, films, music, dance and literature. 

We describe our shooting style as natural, classic and timeless:  quite simply we observe and capture those subtle and not-so-subtle looks and gestures that express the connection between people that love each other. No gimmicks.

You can find a bit more about us below and you may be interested in visiting our Facebook page where we regularly post new images, words and thoughts. 





About Ellie

Studying at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design 13 years ago, I began to learn the craft of photography, and have spent the time since refining my skills and visual style. I have a passion for photographing people and take great joy in observing form, movement and emotion; I love the way the most subtle gesture - a movement of the hand, a facial expression, a touch - can be so powerful when captured on camera. As a result, my photographic background has revolved in the main around portraiture and documentary work and I am currently working towards an MA in Visual Communication - you can view more of my work on my website.

When I'm not taking photographs myself, I teach analogue and digital photography skills at Birmingham City University. I also enjoy travelling and have a special love for India, having spent time there on four separate occasions which includes a trip in 2010 when I spent three months in the Himalayan foothills. David and I also love to visit France where we spend most of our time drinking coffee and eating cake :D

About David

My artistic background is rooted in music. I began playing piano before the age of five, and it has remained a lifelong passion. Bach is probably my favourite composer, along with Mozart, Chopin and Prokofiev (amongst many others). I began self-teaching photography some years ago with a manual SLR camera, but until I met Ellie didn't consider that my work was suitable for professional output. Luckily Ellie was very supportive and loved my sense of composition, encouraging me to have confidence in my work; so since that time photography has become "another music" to me. I too love photographing people, as well as nature subjects. I am also deeply interested in "Vedic" Hinduism and Taoism, as well as literature - I spend a lot of time reading and am never without a book. Some of my favourite authors are Jane Austen, Milan Kundera and Vikram Seth.